Predict Customer Lifetime Value From Day 1

Leading e-commerce and subscription brands use Retina AI to predict customer lifetime value and make more profitable decisions.

Companies already using Retina

“Retina’s Predictive CLV changed the behavior of our Acquisition/Growth and Finance teams on how they measured media payback and customer performance. The faster feedback loop enabled the Acquisition/Growth team to respond quickly and adjust media tactics to drive scale and profitability at the same time.”

– Sujay Kar

VP Strategic Analytics & Business Insights, Dollar Shave Club

Retina Benefits

Early Customer Level CLV: Retina uses a 5-step modeling process to score customer-level CLV early in a customer journey down to the dollar


Speed to CLV: Every deliverable related to CLV (scores, analytics, backtest & data explorer) delivered within hours vs. months or years


For Data Driven Leaders and Analysts: No coding background or experience required


90%+ Accuracy: Model accuracy testing and model monitoring out of the box