Retina uncovers revenue opportunities hidden in your data, and recommends where to focus your marketing experiments to get you to those high-impact business breakthroughs faster.


Retina automates the everyday analyses that are bogging down your analytics team, freeing them up to tackle more


Retina's prescriptive insights give your marketers laser-focus to display strategies that will have the highest impact


Retina picks up where dashboards leave off, delivering easy-to-understand recommendations.

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1. Data

Our world-class team of data scientists helps you audit against industry best practices to set up the most efficient infrastructure for advanced machine learning.

2. Activation

Our algorithms then get to work on your data, automating routine analyses and revealing hidden insights and high-value opportunities.

3. Recommendation

Our client portal delivers non-technical explanations and recommendations so that everyone can share insights and take action immediately.

4. Realization

Retina unites and focuses your teams to plan strategic experiments that advance your business.

Feeling Data Pain?

We work with companies at all stages of their analytics journey


Unstructured Data
  • Outmoded infrastructure
  • Disconnected data sources
  • Bad data hygiene
Structured Information
  • Data too large for excel
  • Visualization dashboards don’t give enough direction
  • No predictive or prescriptive insights
  • High-friction communication between marketing & data analysts
  • Data team too small to keep up
  • Marketing team not getting answers they need fast enough
Actionable Insights
  • Technical barrier preventing marketing team from getting full value from insights
  • Lack of knowledge around what machine learning can do
  • Not knowing how to structure the best questions & experiments
  • Just scratching the surface of predictive & prescriptive insights
  • Advanced analytics still disconnected from impact on business
Business Stories
  • Data & marketing team experimenting in unison
  • Seeking optimization and automation at scale
  • Experiencing rapid growth and an explosion of new research questions
  • No optimal tool that can support this pace of data-driven innovation
  • Lacking quality control and consistency around insight generation
  • Still relying on ineffective methods for viewing, sharing, and requesting insights, there has to be a better way