How We Help Marketers

Retina partners with marketing and growth leaders to improve targeting, acquisition, growth, and retention with early and accurate customer lifetime value metrics.

Before Retina

Problems growth marketers face:

  • How to justify budgets with growing CPAs
  • Who to target and which customers will purchase again
  • How to acquire more profitable customers
  • Ways to evaluate campaign effectiveness in real time, instead of waiting months for repeat purchase data
  • What product offerings, messaging, and campaigns attract high-value customers

With Retina

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 1

Decision & Integration

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 2

Insights & Action

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 3

ROI & Beyond

1. Decision & Integration

  • Decide to partner with Retina
  • Data ingest to deployment in 2 weeks or less
  • Leverage integrations for fast data sharing
  • Access to customer table by persona after 2 weeks

2. Insights & Action

  • Understand high-value customer characteristics with Retina Personas
  • Optimize campaign budgets in near real time
  • End costly campaigns that bring in one-and-done customers
  • Allocate more budget to campaigns that bring in high-value customers
  • Overhaul marketing strategy to reduce acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value

3. ROI & Beyond

  • Increase customer lifetime value by 15%
  • Reduce CPA by 7% company-wide
  • Increase ad spend efficiency by 20%
  • Understand what makes a customer high value
  • Positively impact marketing as well as customer service and retention teams