The Predictive Customer Insights Platform

Retina is your complete, self-serve solution for predicting, understanding, and acting on future customer behavior. Whether you’re trying to optimize customer acquisition costs or better understand which high-value customers are at risk, Retina has you covered.

Unleash the Full Power of CLV

Customer Acquisition

Spend the right amount acquiring each customer based on their expected lifetime value.

Customer Retention

Predict and intervene when high-value customers are going to churn.


Accurately report on and forecast the value of your customer base, to make more accurate strategic decisions.

Marketing Strategy

Identify the customer segments and journeys that deliver the most value to your business.

Customer Service

Make sure you’re giving your future best customers the white-glove treatment.


Learn which product launches and features are most important in attracting and retaining high-value customers.

Key Features

Retina Intelligence

Provides 90+% accurate predictions of future customer value and behavior, giving you the confidence to create more.


Make data ingress and egress a breeze. Whether you want to establish a two-way data pipeline to Snowflake or use CLV to measure and optimize Facebook campaigns, Retina has you covered with a wide range of powerful integrations.

Data Explorer

Your toolbox for lightning-fast analysis of customers, identifying which customer segments, channels, and attributes drive the most value.

CLV Impact

Directly understand which customer attributes are most directly impacting CLV.

Quality of Customers Reports

Generate fast and easy executive-level summaries of CLV trends, so that you can spend more time on actual analysis.

Rest APIs

Real-time access to customer CLV data to power workflows on your website or mobile app.

Solutions for the Data-Driven Business

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Data Analytics & BI Teams

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CFOs & Financial Leaders

Build Lookalike Audiences


Integrations & Partners

Retina integrates directly with your data warehouse and the tools you already use with minimal configuration. We also partner with customer data and analytics platforms to make your workflow seamless.

See What Retina Can Do for You

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