Early & Accurate Predicted Customer Lifetime Value

We are the only customer intelligence partner that unlocks CLV even before the first transaction. Most models either exclude recent customers or observe customer behavior for months before calculating CLV.

Our forward-looking, proprietary algorithm empowers you to boost profitability today. When your competition is waiting for historical data, you'll already be moving ahead.

Customer Personas for Messy & Missing Data

Most data teams struggle with cleaning up messy data to deliver actionable insights. Retina’s personas model imputes missing data to assign a persona to every customer. With accurate CLV calculations early in the customer journey, you can align your segmentation around a single metric.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculations

Top Use Cases for Early Predicted CLV

Customer Acquisition

Triple your return on ad spend with Retina’s customer lifetime value-based lookalike audiences.

Customer Retention

Focus costly retention efforts on your highest-value customers and time campaigns by estimated churn date.

Customer Service

Put exceptionally accurate customer value information into the hands of your customer service reps.

Product Insights

Uncover the features that drive valuable customer behavior to inform your company’s product strategy.

Marketing Impact

Determine what channels boost CLV. Identify the content and experiences that increase revenue.

Account Management

Spend time on the right accounts by basing sales outreach on the predicted customer lifetime value of prospects.

How Retina works


Start with our two day deep dive about all things customer lifetime value.


Retina collaborates with your data science team to integrate into your workflow and start scoring customers within days.

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company


Partner with our strategy consultants to leverage action plans across your business.

Integrations & Partners

Retina integrates directly with your data warehouse and the tools you already use with minimal configuration. We also partner with customer data and analytics platforms to make your workflow seamless.

Retina Integrations Retina Integrations

"Retina uncovered key customer behaviors that will deliver multi-million dollar opportunities for us."

– Dan Murray

CFO, Dollar Shave Club

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