Not all customer lifetime value predictions are created equal.

Retina uses artificial intelligence to quantify the value of your entire future relationship with a customer, so you can make business decisions with unique foresight.

The next generation of customer lifetime value modeling

Using the latest innovations in machine learning and AI, Retina delivers the predicted lifetime value of your customers right to your database, Slack, or your BI tool of choice, such as Looker or Tableau — in just a matter of hours. Join a growing list of clients who have uncovered multi-million dollar opportunities and tripled return on ad spend.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculations

Customer acquisition

Combine AI with programmatic buying. Companies that buy ads using Retina’s lifetime value-based lookalike audiences have seen triple the return on ad spend.

Customer retention

Retina integrates with your marketing automation tools so your campaigns are always data-driven. Focus costly retention efforts only on your highest-value customers.

Customer service

Put exceptionally accurate customer value information into the hands of your customer service reps. Retina integrates with Slack, meaning customer history is just a click away.

Product insights

With Retina, uncover the product features that drive valuable customer behavior. Use these insights to inform your company’s larger product strategy.

Marketing impact

Retina’s lift analysis tool measures the impact of emails, blog posts, and events on customer lifetime value. Identify the content and experiences that translate into revenue.

Account management

Spend time on the right accounts. With Retina, your account managers can base their outreach on the predicted lifetime value of prospects.

Retina supercharges decision making

Retina transforms your business into a data-driven one. With high-precision information across the entire customer lifecycle, marketers, product managers, customer service reps, and executives can focus on sustainable growth programs that target the needs of your high-value customers — and prospects just like them.

How Retina works

Connect Retina to your database

Let Retina score customers and segments

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Leverage across your business


Retina integrates directly with your data warehouse and the tools you already use with minimal configuration.

Retina Integrations Retina Integrations

What our customers say

"Retina uncovered key customer behaviors that will deliver multi-million dollar opportunities for us."

– Dan Murray

CFO, Dollar Shave Club

Get your first customer insights — on us.

Using a sample of your customer data, Retina delivers customer lifetime value calculations to qualified clients before they buy.

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