Predict the future of your customers.

Retina uses predictive lifetime value modeling to quantify the value of your entire future relationship with a customer, so you can make marketing decisions with unique foresight.

A tool for next-gen marketers

Marketers who rely on traditional lifetime value calculations aren’t getting the most from their campaigns. Retina’s algorithms autonomously explore your data to create a customer lifetime value model that predicts the dollar value of new or prospective customers over their entire relationship with your business — no matter what that relationship looks like.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculations

Your data story

Log into Retina’s web portal to view a comprehensive presentation of your customer lifetime value analysis or plan for new scenarios with our interactive tool.

Out-of-trend notifications

Receive automated notifications when outliers — like deviations from predicted values — are discovered by your lifetime value model.

Additional insights

Benefit from analyses related to lifetime value modeling, including RFM segmentation, conversion drivers, and high-value customer behaviors.

More to explore

Our solution delivers labelled data tables directly to your data warehouse and automatically generates high-value audiences for marketing campaigns.

How Retina works

Retina combines artificial intelligence with 30 years of research to model the long-term value and cost per acquisition of every single one of your customers. The result is a unique solution that can uncover millions in untapped revenue opportunities.

Model Long-Term Customer Value Model Long-Term Customer Value

Retina goes beyond the path to purchase

Traditional lifetime value calculations aren't predictive. They also don't take into account when a customer was acquired or the type of relationship he or she has with a business, such as a subscription. Retina equips next-gen marketers with predictive lifetime value metrics that quantify a customer's entire relationship with your business, from the path to purchase and beyond.

Predictive CLV Predictive CLV


Retina integrates directly with your data warehouse and the tools you already use with minimal configuration.

Retina Integrations Retina Integrations

What our customers say

"Retina uncovered key customer behaviors that will deliver multi-million dollar opportunities for us."

– Dan Murray

CFO, Dollar Shave Club

Get your first customer insights — on us.

Using a sample of your customer data, Retina delivers customer lifetime value calculations to qualified clients before they buy.

Model Long-Term Customer Value