The Retina AI Platform

The Retina platform is designed with predictive CLV at its core. It empowers Data Analytics teams to see customer-level profitability insights faster and provide recommendations that will be adopted for greater impact on business outcomes.

Why Retina's Customer Intelligence Platform?

With our solutions, you can be less reactive and improve customer-level profitability, retention, ROAS, customer loyalty, and increase revenues — all while using data-driven CLV insights to optimize budgets and operations.

We are the only customer intelligence partner that unlocks early and predictive customer lifetime value with accurate and reliable models built by analysts for analysts.

Predictive CLV metrics give you the power to optimize in real time. When your competition is waiting for historical data, you’ll already be moving ahead.

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Top Use Cases for Early Predicted CLV

ROAS Optimization

Increase marketing efficiency by 30% by optimizing marketing campaigns for increased ROAS.

Audience Segmentation

Build segments and personas to determine each lead’s value before the point-of-purchase.

Value-Based Acquisition

Spend the right amount acquiring each customer based on their expected customer lifetime value.

Financial & Customer Health

Accurately report on the health and value of your customer base to make data-driven decisions .

Reduce Churn Rate

Predict when high-value customers are going to churn and take data-driven action before they do.

Improve Retention

Get insights to focus on retention with the highest-value customer to maximize growth.

Drive Better Business Outcomes

Growth Marketing

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CFOs & Financial Leaders

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Data Analytics & BI Teams

Retina Product Overview

Get access to the following data points to optimize your strategies across finance, operations, marketing, sales, product, customer success, and more.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Optimize ROAS
    • Budget Optimization
    • Track company and customer health
    • Identify high-value strategies
  • Future Value
    • Rank customer service tickets by value
    • Track incrementally
  • Churn Prediction
    • Target smarter
    • Increase retention
  • Customer Persona
    • Find high-value attributes
    • Target the right cohort
    • Increase profitability

How Retina Works


Determine the state of data and build customer CLV model.


Empower analytics and finance teams with training module and QoC Report.

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company


Achieve highest possible ROI with CLV during strategy session. Empower marketing with Personas.

Integrations & Partners

Retina integrates directly with your data warehouse and the tools you already use with minimal configuration. We also partner with customer data and analytics platforms to make your workflow seamless.

“Working with Retina has been one of the best investments that we have made as a business." -

– Tyler Cohen


See What Retina Can Do for You

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