CFOs & Financial Leaders

Retina’s solution helps finance leaders use data-driven insights to improve growth, allocate budgets, and evaluate over all customer and company health.

Before Retina

Problems CFOs and Finance face:

  • How to justify budget allocations based on company performance
  • What customer segments will support long-term growth
  • Ways to tell the company’s financial health story
  • Why growth has increased or decreased
  • How to plan for future growth

With Retina

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 1

Decision & Integration

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 2

Insights & Action

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 3

ROI & Beyond

1. Decision & Integration

  • Decide to partner with Retina
  • Data ingest to deployment in 2 weeks or less
  • Leverage integrations for fast data sharing
  • Access to customer table by chance of lapse after 2 weeks

2. Insights & Action

  • Determine what actions bring in new customers with high-brand loyalty
  • Deprioritize low-value initiatives and customer segments
  • Re-evaluate the customer base using customer lifetime value
  • Focus acquisition spend on high-value customers and fire low-value customers
  • Find new strategic initiatives that prioritize high-value customer segments

3. ROI & Beyond

  • Reduce average CAC and improve retention and customer lifetime value
  • Improve company’s CLV:CAC ratio by 100%
  • Reallocate budgets to emphasize unit economics and brand equity
  • Generate smarter long-term revenue projections