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Retina helps you transform you strategies to center on customer lifetime value as your North Star metric.

CLV Solutions

Campaign Budget Optimization

Optimize your campaign in near real-time with predictive CLV available at first purchase. Learn more.

CLV Lead Scoring

Build microsegments and determine each lead’s value before the point of purchase. Learn more.

Lookalike Audiences

Triple your return on ad spend with Retina’s customer lifetime value-based lookalike audiences. Learn more.

Value-Based Bidding

Spend the right amount acquiring each customer based on their expected customer lifetime value. Learn more.

Financial & Customer Health

Report on the health and value of your customer base. Learn more.

Product-Market Fit with Personas

Uncover the features that drive valuable customer behavior to inform your company’s product strategy. Learn more.

Customer Service

Put predictive customer value information into the hands of your customer service reps. Learn more.

Customer Journey Management

Determine what channels boost CLV. Identify the content and experiences that increase revenue. Learn more.


Focus costly retention efforts on your highest-value customers and time campaigns by estimated churn date. Learn more.

Shipping and Supply Chain

Predict future purchases dates for supply chain management and prioritize shipments by CLV. Learn more.

Early Value Drivers

Determine behaviors and features associated with high lifetime value customers. Learn more.

LTV Incrementality Measurement

Measure what factors drive LTV incrementality from product purchases to marketing interactions. Learn more.

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Retina Insight is our custom-built enterprise solution designed to help you improve targeting, ad relevance, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Retina Focus is a SaaS solution that helps you seamlessly improve your acquisition efforts and campaign relevance with customer lifetime value.

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