Stop Analyzing. Start Executing.

We’re experts at transforming individual customer data into big picture strategic plans.

Partner with Retina for end-to-end workflow design centered around maximizing customer-level profitability.

Crash Course in CLV and Business Use Cases

“Bring Your Own Data” Training

  • Introduction to CLV modeling, history, and frameworks
  • Hands-on workshop for data science teams
  • CLV use cases for business teams
  • Early value driver analysis workshop for business and data teams

Early CLV

Our proprietary models allow us to accurately predict customer lifetime value early in the customer journey, at or before the first transaction.

Customer Personas

We partner with your team to segment your customers by customer lifetime value. Learn which customers to keep and, more importantly, which customers to fire.

LTV to CAC Analysis

We partner with your finance team to determine if LTV to CAC ratio is under- or over-reported. Get customized recommendations on how to improve this metric and boost your valuation.

Media Spend Optimization

Go beyond optimizing for conversions and focus on maximizing the LTV to CAC ratio by adjusting your media spend between channels and campaigns.

Adding Color to Customer Data

What customer attributes drive high lifetime value? What demographic and behavioral data points lead to product-market fit?

Learn how Madison Reed partnered with Retina to boost CLV and improve product-market fit by incorporating interactive quiz results into customer lifetime value models.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculations

Your Customer Intelligence Partner...

For B2C

Predict CLV early and accurately and optimize media spend. Uncover what product, features, and behaviors drive high lifetime value.

For B2B

Improve LTV to CAC ratio to boost your valuation and identify which leads are more valuable than others.

For Data & Analytics

Partner with Retina to deploy our models in your business, including a data pipeline to compute CLV on an ongoing basis.