Retention Strategy

Segment your customer base by expected churn date and customer lifetime value to improve your retention strategy.

Boost Your Retention Strategy

Are you retaining most of your customer base month over month? If the answer is no, do you know which of your customers are about to churn? How much are they worth? How much should you spend retargeting them?

What if you could answer all of those questions with a high level of confidence? Retina can help companies segment their customer base based on churn risk and customer lifetime value.

Case Study

  • Problem: Your retention strategy isn’t bearing fruit and you have a high customer churn rate.
  • Retina solution: Use Retina’s eCLV scores and churn prediction dates to retarget customers who have the most value and are the most at risk of churn.
  • Baseline experiment design: Run an A/B test on a retention campaign to compare the results.
  • Results: You should expect to see the retargeting campaign based on Retina’s predictions perform much better than your current campaign audience.

ROI Tracking

Cost Savings

Save retention dollars that could be better spent on acquisition.

Increased Revenue

Drive higher average order values by focusing on getting the highest value customers to return.

Opportunity Cost

Stop wasting valuable dollars on customers who may never come back or on customers who were already going to come back.

How to Implement: Recommendation

  1. Score all customers using eCLV.
  2. Determine the customers most at risk with the highest predicted LTV.
  3. Set up an A/B test where A is targeting the original population and B is targeting the Retina-derived population.
  4. Run the A/B test.
  5. If B performs better, apply this strategy across retention campaigns.