Our Mission is to Help You Connect the Dots

We empower you to discover, operate, and evolve around CLV as the primary metric for customer and business health. Connect predictive customer-level metrics to acquisition, retention, customer success, and more.

Profitability, CLV & Retina's Models

For consumer businesses, 30-50% of customers are unprofitable. This is one of the biggest problems that no one fully owns, so we set out to find the solution.

Watch our short video to learn about Retina, our approach to profitability, and the models we are building to tackle this challenging issue.

Three Core Values Inspire Our Work


Add value during executive presentations, board meetings, and strategy discussions with predictive customer intelligence from Retina.


With customer data, trust is paramount. We adhere to strict data guidelines and never share, sell, or distribute your data, ever.


At the heart of our models is a deep understanding of customer behavior. You can use predictive CLV to optimize every point in the customer journey.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Greenberg

Co-Founder & President

Growing up next to Johnson Space Center, Michael was preordained to pursue science. After earning a physics degree, he became UCLA’s director of innovation and launched ScaleFunder, where he encountered the difficulties of scaling data science. Michael co-founded Retina to help others harness the power of data. In his free time, he jumps out of planes and scuba dives with sharks. Don’t tell his mother.

Emad Hasan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Emad loves all things tech. He currently wears several leadership hats at Retina across the operations, product, and data science teams. Prior to joining Retina, Emad built and ran analytics teams at Facebook and PayPal. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, as well as playing pickup beach volleyball in Santa Monica.

Brad Ito

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Brad loves knowledge and the modern application of it: technology. With a degree in Physics from MIT, Brad is on his fourth journey leading a startup tech team. His background in digital marketing technology, big data, and web/cloud technologies empower the Retina engine. He enjoys volunteering, sharing knowledge, and learning new things. He is an active practitioner of Buddhism.

Retina Advisors

Madeleine Udell


Madeleine is an expert in using machine learning for large-scale data analysis, and currently works at Cornell University as an assistant professor of operations research and information engineering. Madeleine received a PhD in computational and mathematical engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and physics from Yale University.

Eva Ascarza


Eva Ascarza is the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. As a marketing modeler, she uses tools from statistics, economics, and machine learning to answer relevant marketing questions. Her main research areas are customer analytics and customer management, with special attention to the problem of customer retention.

Grant Gitlin


Grant is the co-founder of TA:DA Holdings, a private-equity backed holding company focused on human performance. In his former role as Chief Growth Officer of MediaLink, Grant oversaw strategic initiatives and client success across all of MediaLink’s business lines including the firm's acquisition by Ascential PLC. Grant is an investor and advisor in category-defining emerging businesses.

Rob Holland


Rob has been obsessing over customers for more than 30 years scaling businesses across the CPG, retail, digital media, marketing technology and research industries. As an advisor, he focuses on product & commercial strategy. Rob is the CEO of Alpha, a technology growth company that provides an agile research platform for rapid consumer feedback and splits time between Chicago and New York.

Dave Melnick


David Melnick, Vice President Web Isolation at Proofpoint and previous founder and CEO of WebLife Balance, brings almost 25 years experience in technology and security. David has worked extensively with both US and Global companies advising them on setting strategy, developing risk based priorities, and operationalizing effective governance of highly sensitive and regulated data.

Veronika Sonsev


Veronika Sonsev is the Co-Founder of CommerceNext, a community, event series and conference for marketers at retail and DTC brands. She also leads the retail practice for Chameleon Collective and is a contributor for Forbes. Having started and sold a startup, which worked with some of the largest retailers, Veronika has intimate knowledge of the challenges facing retail and ecommerce today. Veronika holds a BA from American University and an MBA from the Wharton School.