At Retina, our purpose is to enable every company in the world to tell their own data stories

Our team members apply their knowledge to real-world problems, shape the company, and learn from those around them from day one. Retina is disrupting enterprise analytics and business intelligence by killing dashboards. We transform enterprise data into actionable natural language insights for business leaders. Our mission is to empower all businesses to tell their own data story.

We are venture funded and have recently closed our seed funding. We’re looking for our first hires, who will be instrumental in shaping the product and success of the company. Our office is located near the beach and third street promenade in beautiful Santa Monica. We have led data science teams at Facebook and Paypal, built, and sold companies, and built the core tech behind several startups.


Working at Retina you'll get to take ownership of products, clients, and the company. Working in a startup means you are an important member of a small team. The unique way in which you approach and solve a problem will be definitely noticed.


In a startup, it is hard to ignore a person who is doing a good job because it is very much visible. If the credit is due, it will certainly be yours. If it is team work, the small yet efficient team will be appreciated.


Be around people who take risks, are high on ideas and welcome any kind of crazy perspective too. This leads to exploring more and ultimately being original. The novel approach of everyone around, especially the founders will help you to see the other side of the coin and approach things in an unusual way.


The excitement of working with people you like will make solving issues easier because you can always walk up to the person and have a one-on-one discussion. At Retina you can always rely on your team members.


At Retina you will be exposed to all kinds of opportunities in and outside of your wheelhouse. It's the perfect learning ground for new skills while doing various tasks. Gaining this experience will be in stark contrast to any corporate job.


Based in the heart of Silicon Beach in Santa Monica, we do most of our one-on-one meetings at the beach. If you love the sun, the beach and tech startups, this is the place to be.


We seek out hard problems at places that matter. We solve them by shipping products that work, today. They have to because the stakes are real. People rely on our products to do their most important work, which means they rely on us to build things the right way.

Values We Look for and Live By
  • Self Motivated: We take initiative to fix and build stuff on our own and are always willing to go the extra mile to help. All without asking for a badge of honor or asking what is being done in return.
  • Autonomy: not a place of titles, job descriptions, and low-level guidance. Sometimes you are given problems but most times you need to choose which of the 1 million problems you want to go solve and how. It also forces you to be scrappy and technology-oriented.
  • Be humble: "We earn our jobs every day"
  • Room to make mistakes: We are going to make mistakes, it is an IMPORTANT part of building stuff
  • Honest Feedback: When people care about you and your career, they will do the honest and sometimes hard things to make you better
  • Be open to other's opinions and new data and don’t hold hard positions.
  • Speed: The speed at which one gets things done should be a few folds ahead of the market
What will you be spending your time on

Building stuff, engaging (talking, delivering, etc) with customers, talking to candidates