Data Analytics Teams

Retina partners with data analytics professionals to empower them with tools to use accurate, predictive customer lifetime (pCLV) insights.

Built by Analytics, for Analytics

The Retina platform was built to solve the day-to-day problems of resource-strapped data analytics teams. Our team has been there, in the trenches, and knows what it takes to empower analytics professionals to get a seat at the strategy table.

If you are being asked for data as an after thought, and not being brought in early to solve business challenges, then check out what Retina can do for you and your organization.

Before Retina

Problems Data Analytics face:

  • Accurate tracking of complex business metrics with real-time insights
  • How to deliver a predictive CLV model that utilizes AI with limited time and resources
  • Ways to apply data insights for recommendations to company strategies
  • Effective communication and alignment to drive data literacy throughout their organizations
Data Analytics team members working on a project

With Retina

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 1

Decision & Integration

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 2

Insights & Action

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Step 3

ROI & Beyond

1. Decision & Integration

  • Instantly enhance customer intelligence with Retina’s fast and accurate platform
  • Get access to a variety of customer features: Customer lifetime value, residual value, probability of lapse, persona, and more
  • Save time and resource to get to insights and success faster

2. Insights & Action

  • Determine what actions bring in new customers with high-brand loyalty
  • Discover which product bundles resonate with high-value customers
  • Build segments and personas based on customer lifetime value
  • Reorient product and marketing efforts to cater to high CLV customer segments
  • Get recommendations adopted across the organization

3. ROI & Beyond

  • Increase average CLV by 13%
  • Boost retention numbers by 8%
  • Including cost savings from not growing the data team, the insights from Retina created an annual value-add of $1M+