Data Partners

At Retina, we act as an invisible ally to our clients. Behind the scenes, we also work with a variety of other partners to help you make the most of your customer intelligence.

Data Partners

We partner with data warehouse and infrastructure providers. If our clients need a data platform, we can provide the best recommendation to suit their business needs.

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Read more about how Retina bridges the gap between data engineers and data scientists using Commandeer.

CDP Partners

We partner with customer data platforms to provide our customer lifetime value metrics to CDP users through a seamless integration.

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Retina integrates directly into ad platforms, social media, communication platforms, email clients, and more. We can create Lookalike audiences directly within Facebook and provide data updates via Slack. Retina integrates directly with the tools you already use with minimal configuration.

Retina Integrations Retina Integrations


Some of our solutions revolve around marketing optimization and decision making. We partner with agencies to support marketing strategies based on customer lifetime value.


Partner with Retina

The benefits of forming a partnership with Retina include:

  • Expanded reach
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Ongoing innovation

Customer Lifetime Value Calculations