Predict Customer Lifetime Value From Day 1

Leading e-commerce and subscription brands use Retina AI to predict customer lifetime value and make more profitable decisions.

Companies already using Retina

“Retina’s Predictive CLV changed the behavior of our Acquisition/Growth and Finance teams on how they measured media payback and customer performance. The faster feedback loop enabled the Acquisition/Growth team to respond quickly and adjust media tactics to drive scale and profitability at the same time.”

– Sujay Kar

VP Strategic Analytics & Business Insights, Dollar Shave Club

Power your business with Retina

Get fast, reliable CLV

Every deliverable related to 90%+ accurate CLV (scores, analytics, backtest & data explorer) is delivered within hours vs. months or years and at a fraction of the cost.


Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Access dashboards and reports that tell you which segments, customers, and attributes are high-performing and which are dragging down your business profitability.


Improve customer profitability

Retina’s unique combination of predictive insights and integrations make it easy to identify and act to acquire and retain more high-value customers.


Generate more accurate forecasts

Go beyond past customer behavior data and start building forecasts based on accurate predictions of future customer behavior and revenue.