How to Analyze Customer-Level Profitability

Download Retina’s white paper to learn:

  • Customer-level profitability and business use cases
  • Data sets to consider for profitability analysis and the fixed and variable costs associated with each
  • Steps in an accurate profitability analysis
  • Common mistakes to avoid when building profitability models

Customer-Level Profitability Adds Value to:

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Product Management

Highlighting which products tend to bring in higher value customers

Bar Graph Illustration


Reporting on the health of the businesses historically and predicting future health


Finding lookalikes of high profit customers and preventing acquiring low profit or unprofitable customers


Defining marketing programs that help grow the overall profitability of each customer

RFM Segmentation


Focusing retention marketing efforts on profitable customers

Logistics & Customer Service

Prioritizing shipping and customer tickets by high profit customers first

Get Answers to Your Top Questions:

  1. What percent of my customers are unprofitable? What percent of my customers bring in 80% of my revenue or value?
  2. How much does the business depend on whales?
  3. How diversified are my revenue/profit streams?
  4. What makes my high value customers different from my low value customers?
  5. What type of customers should I focus my media spend on?
  6. How do I grow customer value?
  7. Are there customers I should fire?
Model Long-Term Customer Value