Retina AI Software Packages

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Starter Package

Starting at $3,999/month for under 2M lifetime customers



  • Easily upload data with CSV uploader
  • Retina platform access
  • Customer-level Retina Intelligence scores
  • Model validation & accuracy reporting
  • Shopify data connector
  • Data Explorer for fast & easy CLV analysis
  • Facebook & Google ads integrations* (Shopify+ only)

Requirements: Orders table and customer table data access and formatting. Customer ID resolution.

Premium Package

Pricing is based on the number of customers that are being scored. 


Everything in the starter package plus …

  • Bi-directional data pipeline
  • QBRs and strategy sessions with Retina experts
  • Twice-per-month predictive model retraining
  • Model performance monitoring
  • Competitive CLV intelligence
  • CLV Impact Reporting
  • New: Rest API to get real-time Retina Intelligence on any customer