Retina Pricing Overview

Retina maximizes value by helping you attract more high-value customers, avoid unprofitable customers, and boost lifetime value for those in the middle. The Retina platform calculates early and predictive CLV to inform your strategies and improve the health of your business.

Keep Every Customer Profitable

Understand which customers are profitable

Determine early factors that contribute to high-loyalty behavior

Increase retention and reduce churn

Pricing Overview- Up to 5M Lifetime Customers

Depending on your data sets and feature needs, you can get started for as little as $1,999.00 per month using the Retina platform.

Access to the Retina platform includes CLV scores for every customer, Executive Quality of Customers Report (QoC Report), access to our Data Explorer analysis tool, three free hours of analytics consulting ($750 value), and Competitive Intelligence Reports that shows you how you stack up against competitors.

What does it take to launch Retina? Four to eight hours of your data analysts time. Don’t have the resources or time for data munging? Use our analysts to supplement your team. Our analyst rates start at $150.00 per hour.

The Retina platform is affordable and adds strategic value across the business. From increasing customer-level profitability and forecasting residual revenue left for the  current customer base for the next year, to optimizing ROAS and CAC, the insights and intelligence solution is a key tool for any team focused on metrics and growth.

Retina AI Software Packages

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Starter Package

Starting at $1,999.00 Per Month

Best for: Companies who want to evolve from cohort level reactive LTV analysis to customer level predictive LTV analysis.

Model: Day 1 Early and Predictive CLV


  • CSV data upload portal (unlimited)
  • Access to raw scores (exportable)
  • Customer Intelligence: Quality of Customer (QoC)Reports
  • Access to Retina insights platform
  • Data Explorer for customer CLV analysis
  • Customer support & resource library

Requirements: Orders table and customer table data access and formatting. Customer ID resolution.

Premium Package

Best for: Companies who strive to measure and take action on LTV at a customer level including first time customers.

Model: Day 1 Early & Predictive CLV


  • All Starter Package features plus …
  • Data Pipeline (automated data analysis)
  • Competitive Intelligence Insights
  • Model monitoring
  • Premium customer success support

Requirements: All requirements from Starter Package. Robust data warehouse and/or CDP

Customer Success: Madison Reed

Madison Reed knew specific customer attributes drive higher lifetime value, but were unable to easily or readily identify them. The team knew they needed customer lifetime value models tailored to their business to make a significant impact on CLV. However, they also knew that hiring several more data scientists was not feasible from a cost perspective. By partnering with Retina, Madison Reed was able to gain this expertise at 1/10th of the cost.

Madison Reed teamed with Retina and deployed CLV-based segmentation to uncover which products were not resonating with its customers. By deprecating those products in favor of those with higher product-market fit, the company saw a 23% increase in the average CLV.

With accurate segmentation, Madison Reed started identifying unprofitable customers and reassessing its marketing strategy. Madison Reed’s LTV to CAC ratio grew by 150% after restructuring campaigns and prioritizing the most profitable customers.

“It would’ve taken double the time to build models internally, and data scientists would be working on those models exclusively.”

– Gurdhir Shergill

Director of Business Analytics