Customer Journey Management

What actions do your best customers take throughout their journey or lifecycle? Learn how to guide customers down the right path.

Customer Journey

You likely already collect a variety of customer information like email opens, ad clicks, product purchases, and page views. Retina can help determine the combinations of customer touchpoints and actions that result in higher customer satisfaction and lifetime value. Using Retina, you can put individuals on a path to become high value customers.

Case Study

  • Problem: The client, a subscription company, was unsure if they should encourage customers to try different plans and new products.
  • Retina solution: Retina created a dashboard to examine how plan changes early in customer journey affect the downstream customer value.
  • Baseline experiment design: Retina analyzed decision-point data using customer lifetime value metrics.
  • Results: The client discounted a poor-performing offering and increased marketing spend at crucial customer decision points to positively impact customer lifetime value.

ROI Tracking

Cost Savings

Stop wasting marketing spend and product resources on poor performing products.

Increased Revenue

Increase sales by introducing products at crucial decision-points in the customer journey.

Opportunity Cost

Rely on your best guess instead of individual-level data to optimize your customer journeys.

How to Implement

  1. Score all customers using eCLV.
  2. Send over time-stamped customer journey data.
  3. Take action on insights derived from the customer journey visualization.
  4. Monitor impact of marketing interventions.