Identify and target your future best customers

Retina AI makes it easy to create and segment audiences in customer data platforms, like Segment, using predicted customer lifetime value, future customer value, probability lapsed, and more

Segment audiences are based on:

  • Predicted lifetime value
  • Future/residual value
  • Probability lapsed
  • Likely next transaction date
  • Typical order value

How it works

  • Create value-based lookalike audiences to acquire more high-value customers
  • Use predicted residual value to identify your best upsell targets
  • Target high-value customers that are at risk of lapsing
  • Use Retina CLV-based audiences across any connected marketing tool

CLV-based audiences support your most important marketing objectives

“I want to acquire more profitable customers.”
Use predicted CLV to segment your high-value customers and build similar/lookalike audiences.

“I want to increase sales to existing customers”

Use predicted residual value to target customers that will spend the most with your brand in the future. 

“I want to retain my best customers.”

User predicted CLV in combination with probability lapsed to identify and target high-value customers that are likely to churn.

“I want to win back lapsed high-value customers.”

Use predicted CLV and probability lapsed to find high-value customers that have already lapsed, to target for reactivation.

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