Incrementality Modeling for Customer Lifetime Value

Partner with Retina and Measured to use customer lifetime value to adjust tolerance of CPAs, measure the value of audience or market cohorts, and inform upsell, retention, or acquisition strategy.

Incrementality Measurement

Measuring the value of marketing can be a challenge. It’s often difficult to account for the incremental contribution of channels and tactics. Experimentation allows for a test, learn, and grow culture to inform acquisition and retargeting tactics and drive business growth. By examining the incremental CLV observed by channel, we can better understand the value created by that marketing intervention.

Case Study

Problem: The client did not know which email campaigns were successful in terms of conversions and repeat purchases.

Retina + Measured solution: Use incremental CLV metrics to determine the impact on CLV from engaging with historical marketing email campaigns.

Results: The client could measure the efficacy of marketing campaigns, boost email cohorts that were actually making a significant impact on their customer experience, and stop campaigns that had little to no effect.

ROI Tracking

Cost Savings

Stop wasting ad spend on ineffective or unnecessary ad campaigns.

Increased Revenue

Boost conversions by focusing acquisition campaigns on channels that influence repeat purchase behavior.

Opportunity Cost

Continue running unnecessary ad campaigns to customers that will purchase again anyway.

How to Implement

  1. Run eCLV for all relevant time periods and channels.
  2. Overlay media measurement data from Measured for better accuracy.
  3. Generate a table of marketing events.
  4. Use incremental CLV to find which events had a significant impact on a customer’s CLV, as well as the monetary impact of these events.
  5. Take action on the insights and learnings from this exercise.