Retina Focus

Retina Focus helps you seamlessly improve your acquisition efforts and campaign relevance with customer lifetime value.

Connect data from Shopify and Facebook to acquire more brand-loyal, valuable customers and avoid one-and-done customers.

How does Retina Focus work?

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company


Connect your Shopify data directly to Facebook.


Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company


Optimize your campaigns in real time with predictive customer lifetime value.


Change your strategy to acquire customers based on CLV instead of CAC.

What does Retina Focus look like?

Retina Focus lets you monitor customer lifetime value at the ad-set and campaign level directly in your Facebook Ads Platform. Seamlessly adjust spend to optimize CLV of acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

Switch your North Star metric to customer lifetime value, instead of relying on short-term metrics like customer acquisition cost or waiting around for retention numbers.

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