Retina Personas

Retina Personas are enriched with customer lifetime value to help you answer these questions and more.

Creating Personas for High-Value Segmentation

Do you know who your best customers are? What differentiates a high-value customer from a low-value customer? With personas, you can have the insights to segment your best-fit customers to reduce acquisition costs, focus on customer service, reduce churn, and increase retention.

How Do Retina Personas Work?

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company


Connect your first-party customer data to Retina.

RFM Segmentation


Segment your customers based on customer attribution and product features.

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Convert and retain more high-value customers.

Why Retina Personas?

Retina Personas helps you determine who your best customers are and what product features drive valuable customer behavior.

Use Retina Personas to guide growth, retention, and product marketing strategies to find and convert more high-value customers.

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