Quality of Customers Report for M&A Activities

The Quality of Customers Report (QoC) provides a detailed analysis of a company’s customer base. The QoC focuses on forward-looking customer metrics and accounts for customer equity built with repeat purchase behavior.

From data to insights

Build Lookalike Audiences

Customer-level insights and repeat purchase predictions

Product-market fit analysis via growth accounting

High-Value Customer Behaviors

Opportunities for improvement with acquisition and retention

Why do you need the Quality of Customers Report?

  • For the sell-side, the report helps companies understand which customers truly reflect the future of the business and represent the actual repeat-purchase behavior
  • From the buy-side, the report delivers an unbiased assessment of the target’s data and trends, allowing users to easily identify health trends and growth opportunities
  • Unlike the Quality of Earnings Report (QoE) that focuses on historical revenue and profitability, the QoC accounts for the lifetime value of customers

What's included in the QoC?

Cohort and Historical Customer Analysis

Predictive Lifetime Value and Profitability Analysis

RFM Segmentation

Revenue Concentration Analysis

Customer Segmentation and Marketing Recommendations

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling Company

Growth Accounting Metrics

Customer Behavior and LTV Correlation Analysis

Who uses the Quality of Customers Report?

  • Commercial bankers financing an M&A transaction
  • Investment bankers preparing a business for competitive auction

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How does it work?

  1. A company interested in an upcoming M&A event (preparing to sell or looking to buy) connects with Retina.
  2. After engaging with Retina, the company uploads two datasets (orders & customer attributes) here or, if you have a Shopify store, here. This data schema document details the required fields and formats.
  3. Retina immediately goes to work and crunches the numbers to produce a QoC report in a matter of days. All data is downloadable so that the team can analyze and re-plot the data. A PDF download of the report is also available.
  4. Next, the firm works with the investment banking team to build a narrative about the customer base and positions the company for sale in the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).