Retina Partners with Databricks to Drive Business Value with Unified Data Analytics

Retina delivers early and accurate customer lifetime value metrics powered by the Databricks platform.

Los Angeles, CA—August 13, 2020—Retina, the customer intelligence experts, today announced they have partnered with Databricks, the data and AI company, to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence (AI). Retina provides predictive customer lifetime value through the Databricks platform to seamlessly enable customer success.

The announcement provides inherent value by allowing Databricks customers to access customer analytics in real time for optimization and prioritization.

Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform helps organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data science with engineering and business​. This managed Cloud service auto-scales clusters and includes an optimized version of Apache Spark that is up to 50x faster, and uses Delta Lake to bring data reliability and scalability to your existing data lake. It’s the best-in-class collaborative platform that truly unifies data science and data engineering for fast iterations of data prep, model training and production deployment. Databricks customers also benefit from data security, compliance and reduced DevOps costs. All of this means ​organizations can finally apply AI across their data and drive disruptive innovations to the market.

Retina is the customer intelligence partner that empowers businesses to maximize customer-level profitability. Retina provides early and accurate customer lifetime value at the point of first transaction. As a result of the partnership, enterprise organizations will realize the value of optimizing their business strategies around customer lifetime value.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Retina and look forward to seeing the value this partnership delivers to our joint customers,” said Michael Hoff, SVP of business development and partners at Databricks. “Using the power of Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform, Retina will help accelerate how businesses solve problems and better prepare for the future in an uncertain world. Ultimately this will help our joint customers maximize the business value of their data.”

“We’re excited to partner with Databricks to bring predictive customer lifetime value analytics to our customers,” said Emad Hasan, CEO, Retina. “As users of Databricks ourselves, we’ve seen the power behind the analytics platform firsthand. We look forward to bringing customer intelligence to help more companies achieve success.”

Located in Santa Monica, Retina is a seed-funded startup backed by Comcast Ventures. With Retina’s early and accurate customer lifetime value metrics, leading brands, private equity firms, investment banks, and more can optimize their strategies and boost their valuation.

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