Retina Partners with mParticle to Improve Customer Experience with CLV

Retina integrates with mParticle to provide early and accurate customer lifetime value metrics to the mParticle platform.

Los Angeles, CA—September 14, 2020—Retina, the customer intelligence platform, announced a partnership with mParticle, the customer data platform that helps developer and product teams improve customer data quality and connectivity across the entire growth stack. Retina provides mParticle users with early and accurate customer lifetime value metrics. This integration helps growth marketers, product managers, and developers connect data, drive growth, and improve data quality.

mParticle helps you unify data and simplify partner integrations with enterprise-class security and reliability. Retina’s new integration with mParticle allows you to seamlessly send data to Retina for CLV scoring and then use those scores to optimize your strategies in real time.

Campaign Budget Optimization: Optimize your campaign in near real-time with predictive CLV available at first purchase
CLV Lead Scoring: Build microsegments and determine each lead’s value before the point of purchase
Lookalike Audiences: Triple your return on ad spend with Retina’s customer lifetime value-based lookalike audiences
Value-Based Bidding: Spend the exact right amount acquiring each customer based on their expected CLV
Financial & Customer Health: Report on the health and value of your customer base
Product-Market Fit: Uncover the features that drive valuable customer behavior to inform your company’s product strategy

With mParticle, you can easily send information about order and customer events to Retina. Once the pipeline has been established, Retina can quickly score your customer base and provide cutting-edge customer lifetime value scores directly back into mParticle. These scores can then be used to inform your most important marketing initiatives.

Leveraging both Retina’s scoring and mParticle’s ease of integration will help improve your ROAS, brand equity, customer relationships, and the overall customer health of your business.

Because mParticle connects all of your tools, you can start using CLV to optimize other areas of your business, like product strategy, customer success, supply chain management, fiscal projections, and more.

Located in Santa Monica, Retina is a seed-funded startup backed by Comcast Ventures. With Retina’s early and accurate customer lifetime value metrics, leading brands, private equity firms, investment banks, and more can optimize their strategies and boost their valuation.

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