Features for Immediate Insights

Retina’s platform features ensure you have the intel and insights for recommendations to drive the business forward.

QoC Report™

Retina’s Quality of Customers Report™ (QoC Report) provides a detailed analysis of a company’s customer base. The QoC focuses on forward-looking customer metrics and accounts for customer equity built with repeat purchase behavior.

Retina Personas

Create personas with Retina to know your best-fit customers. These personas are enriched with customer lifetime value to help your segment and create personas based on attributions, purchase behavior, products, and more.

Competitive Analysis

Gain a competitive edge by compare your first-party data to your competitors. With Retina, you can compare areas like profitability, lifetime value, customer growth, and more!

On-demand Webinar

Join Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Strategist at Google, and Emad Hasan, CEO and Co-founder at Retina, for a webinar on best practices in using Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to scale your business on the Retina BrightTalk channel.

Integrations with Retina

Retina integrates seamlessly with the platforms and providers you already use, including data warehouses, cloud storage, customer data platforms, integration vendors, and more.