Retina Whitepapers and Client Case Studies

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Retina's Approach to Customer Lifetime Value

Retina built a new CLV model that is fast, accurate, versatile, and early in the customer journey. Learn how Retina’s estimate customer-level patterns to simulate behavior into the future.

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Learn how to calculate customer lifetime value (CLV) in 8 steps. Plus, discover why it’s important to calculate CLV at the individual level.

How to Analyze Customer Level Profitability

Discover business use cases, required data sets, and common mistakes to avoid for a customer level profitability analysis.

How to Think About Customer Sales Concentration

Learn about customer sales concentration, lifetime value diversification, and customer profitability for finance and planning professionals.

Adding Color to Customer Data

Madison Reed highlighted interactive quiz results to determine customer lifetime value.

The Changing Landscape of Customer Lifetime Value

Backcountry travel beyond static metrics to determine how brand loyalty changes over time.

8.1X ROAS with Retina CLV-based Lookalike Audiences

Retina partnered with a leading website domain company to improve their acquisition campaigns with lookalike audiences.

Optimizing Customer Acquisition Strategies for LTV:CAC vs CPAs

Ritual demonstrated cost savings with value-based bidding campaigns on Facebook.

Grooming Customer Data for Future Growth

Brickell used Retina to accurately value their company and continue developing sales and marketing strategies that would cater to their best customers’ needs far into the future.

Boosting Campaign Health and Wellness with CLV

FAMBrands used Retina to optimize their marketing campaigns by building lookalikes based on their highest value customers.